Monday, December 28, 2009

US Presidents and Mars Lines

Mars lines on an A*C*G map for the US President very often shows where America could become involved in a war.

The A*C*G map for president Barack Obama is near to Baghdad in Iraq which suggests that the conflict in this area is likely to continue during his term of presidency.

After the failed terrorist attack on Christmas Day on a plane approaching Detriot, the spotlight is now focused on Yemen where terrorists are trained. President Obama has Mars ASC passing through Yemen, very close to where the terrorist training camps are located. He also has C*C*G UR DSC passing through Yemen, and conjunct his A*C*G MA ASC line.

The chart for the Yemen Unification has Mars at 23 PIS 25 which is opposite Obama's Mars at 22 VIR 34. Both are activated by transit UR at 22/23 PIS.

These planetary influences indicate that the US could be become involved in a war in Yemen under sudden and unexpected circumstances which could start at any time.

More charts and maps need to be examined to obtain further information about future events in Yemen, but it certainly seems that the US president Mars lines are very significant.


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