Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Maps With A*C*G and C*C*G Lines

After I wrote about Pope Benedict XVI and C*C*G many astrologers have asked me which astrological software was used for the map.

Although I use Solar Maps for astrolocality it is not possible to draw a map with both A*C*G and C*C*G lines. As far as I know there are only three computer programs that can do this, and the one I recommend is called ZET 8 Geo.

With ZET 8 Geo I use black for A*C*G lines, and red for C*C*G lines, so that I can see instantly which are permanent and temporary influences. It is also possible to animate the C*C*G lines drawn on an A*C*G map. This makes it very easy to see when a C*C*G line will be conjunct an A*C*G line, and when a C*C*G line crosses an A*C*G line at the equator.

The quality of the map used with ZET 8 Geo is excellent. It is also possible to draw local space lines for natal, progressions and transits. The program is usually updated every week, and the customer service is outstanding.

ZET 8 Geo is available at and very reasonably priced. Although the program is produced in the Ukraine there is no problem with receiving it as everything is downloaded and activated by e-mail.


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Urania 1.86 PRO has ACG+CCG on one map:

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