Monday, July 17, 2006

A*C*G and Local Space Mars Lines

In mundane astrology the chart for the president, prime minister, chancellor or leader is often used as a second chart for that country.

Since George W. Bush became president the United States has been involved in two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq. Jim Lewis wrote an article that US presidents are most likely to become involved in a war where the president has an A*C*G Mars lines.

According to Astrodatabank, the birth data for George W. Bush is:

6th July 1946
7.26 am
New Haven, CT

Looking at the president's A*C*G map he has Mars MH passes through Afghanistan.

In fact, at the AFA conference in Las Vegas (July 2000) I did a lecture on A*C*G and mundane astrology. I said that if George W. Bush is elected as president the United States would most likely be involved in a war with Afghanistan. This was based on his A*C*G map.

George W. Bush has no Mars line passing through Iraq, so why did the United States become involved in a war with this country? Using local space astrology, the president has a mars lines passing through Iraq.

I use both Astro*Carto*Graphy and local space maps when examining the planetary influences at locations. This example shows that local space Mars lines should also be considered in trying to find out where a president is likely to start a war.


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